Inclinometer: THD2000Z Series – Small Dual Axis MEMS Tilt Sensor

THD2000Z Series – Compact inclinometer

THD2000Z Series is a low-cost version of ESC30xxZ Series which is a high-performance dual-axis inclinometer.

THD2000Z is a compact dual-axis inclinometer with the following features:
・Housing size is Φ40mm
・Built-in connector
・Analog output and digital output
・Easy leveling of horizontal points
・Excellent vibration resistance with digital filter

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Very small housing size Φ40mm (Φ1.574in)

Special Functions  

Adjust Leveling in Seconds with Index Point Resetting Function

The Leveling adjustment of conventional inclinometer takes time because it is done by using the trimmer or adjustment screws on the mounting plate. THD2000Z can be easily reset to the level position (±0° position) using the RS-485 command or “User-Configurable Adjustment Card (Optional)”.

How to use a user-configurable adjustment card

Configurable range is within ±5° range from horizontal.

Remove External Noise with Digital Damping Control Function

Unlike conventional inclinometer, THD2000Z implements the digital filter that removes external noise and reads accurate angle of inclinometer in high-vibration environments.
THD2000Z also gives you a choice of certain filter factor from 16 available setting so that it suits your situations.

Configuring of the digital filter is enabled only at our factory.


More detail about THD2000Z series

Application Examples

Solar Tracker: Solar Panel Angle
Operation Table: Inclination Angle of Table Top
Tail Lift: Gate Angle