Absolute Magnetic Encoder: CE36M Series – Rotary Encoder

CE36M Series- Magnetic Encoder
Resolution 13-bit, Accuracy 0.17°, Repeatability 1 LSB

CE36M is an absolute magnetic rotary encoder that Midori has developed for the first time in about 50 years.  Rotary encoders are used for applications that require precision angle measurement and control and so on.

The output signal of an encoder may include various angular errors but from our continuous pursuit of lessening the effect of interpolation factors and external factors that cause the angular errors, the CE36M series has achieved 13-bits resolution with 0.17° accuracy.  Moreover, by using our proprietary digital processing technology, temperature drift has little influence on accuracy.

In addition, CE36M uses the error correction technology that can maintain the interpolation error that was generated by the long-term use of the encoder to the prescribed precision level.  We continue to pursue this technology and furthermore, we are aiming to also improve the accuracy of the encoder.


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High Accuracy

Application Examples

Industrial Robot: Arm angle
Machine Tool: Position Control
Elevator: Speed/ Stop potion Control