Magnetic Encoder: Multi Pole Magnet Scale – Encoder

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Should your application has limited space for the installation
of a magnetic encoder, or maybe you would want to cut the cost of buying an encoder, or if your application particularly requires some unique patterns of the output signal from an encoder then we do offer to sell the magnetic scale (one of the core components that made up the encoder) by itself should that be all you need for your application.

The magnetic scale of the encoder consists of magnetic patterns in which the N pole and S pole are alternately arranged in the magnetic material. By using the scale together with a magnetoelectric conversion element such as an MR sensor, an absolute encoder or an incremental encoder can be created.

Our magnetic scale has the structure in which a plastic magnet is integrally molded around a disk shape metal plate and is available in three configurations: magnetized disk with a shaft, magnetized disk only (no shaft), or just the magnet itself.
We have the technology for the scale to be magnetized at narrow pitches and contained multiple tracks. Since the single pitch error and the cumulative pitch error are very low, it is possible for our encoder to offer high accuracy, small total harmonic distortion ratio, and to suppress the occurrence of measurement errors.

Application Examples

Industrial Robot: Arm Angle
Absolute Encoder/ Incremental Encoder
Motors: Control/ Shaft position synchronization

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