LP-FJ Series — Conductive Plastic Linear Stroke Potentiometer

LP-FJ Series features linear position sensor which is the improved version of LP-F-C series consisting of 2 mounting feet, Φ6mm stainless steel shaft, 3pole coaxial cable (0.5mm2x250mm), and more cost-effective compared to the LP-F-C series. LP-FJ series can be used as a direct replacement for the LP-F-C series since their electrical specifications are identical.

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Comparison Table Between LP-F-C Series and LP-FJ Series

Model # LP-F-C Series LP-FJ Series
Housing Diameter Φ22.2MM
Shaft Diameter M5 M6
Cable 3 Lead Wires 3 Pole Coaxial  Cable
Electrical Travel 100mm~300mm 50mm~400mm
Total Resistance 1K,2K,5K.10K ohm 1K,5K,10K ohm
Independent Lin. ±0.3% ±0.3% (LP-50FJ:±0.5%)
IP Level IP40 IP40, IP65


Application Example
Automotive Test Equipment
Injection Machine
Chemical Scattering Machine
Steering Gear (Vessel)
Measurements of Length (Test Apparatus)
Printing Machine
Plastic Bag Making Machine
Race Car