CP-45H Series — Contactless Angle Potentiomter

CP-45H series is a Hall effect IC type contactless position sensor and it has been developed as a contactless version of our well-known CPP-45B conductive plastic potentiometer.
This series features superb durability, long life cycle, electrical noiseless and improved temperature characteristics. It is suitable for harsh environments and requiring longer life expectancy applications.
Moreover, because of its wide input voltage range and various output signals of voltage ratio, voltage output, current output, CP-45H series has the potential for being used in a wider variety of applications compared to our conventional contactless position sensors.

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Type  Spec.
CP-45H Input: DC5±0.5V
Output: 10-90%Vin of input voltage
Elect Angle: 90° – 360°
CP-45H-5V Input: DC8V~32V
Output: DC0V-5V
Elect Angle: 90° – 360°
CP-45H-10V Input: DC14V~32V
Output: DC0V-10V
Elect Angle: 90° – 360°
CP-45H-A (3 wires) Input: DC20V~28V
Output: 4-20mA
Elect Angle: 90° – 360°


IP Level 54 (Standard: IP40)
Effective Electrical Travel: 90° – 360°
Dual Output: 4 cables, 6 cables
Cross / Parallel Output , Output Phase
Output Range: 5 -95%Vin
Invers Output: Increase CCW


Application Example
Film Processing Machine: Tension Controller, Motor Speed Controller
Vessel: Engine Control, Engine Governor, Propeller Angle
AGV: Steering Angle
Printing Machine: Tension Controller, Motor Speed Controller