The Product Underdevelopment: Small Sized Rotary Position Sensor

CP2HX Series

CP2HX Series is a more robust version of the CP-1Hx Series such as this new sensor shall almost be at the same size as the CP-1Hx series but adopt the thicker lead wires and higher waterproof level.

Since the input shaft is separated from sensor housing, it is suitable for the application that needs low torque and also easy to mount because you do not need to make the input shaft hole on the sensor mounting plate.

Dimensions (mm)

  • Touchless Type Hall-IC Rotary Angle Sensor
  • Effective Electrical Travel: ±45°, ±90°
  • Absolute Linearity: ±2%FS
  • Output Signal: Voltage Ratio/ PWM
  • Dual Output (6-wires)
  • IP67


CP2HX Series is now released to be available in June 2020.

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