Inclinometers- The Features of Pendulum Type and MEMS Type

The inclinometer is an instrument used for measuring the inclination or maintaining the horizontal position of an equipment.
Our company offer two types of inclinometer: pendulum type and MEMS type and time we will explain the features of each.

●Pendulum Type Inclinometer

74 Series

PMP-HTL Series

UV Series

Pendulum type inclinometer is the product that we have been selling for many years.
It measure the angular displacement of the position of the pendulum with respect to the inclination change of the pendulum.

These are the various pendulum types that have been installed inside our inclinometers:

Rod Pendulum

Model: 74 Series, WR Series

Spring Plate Pendulum

Model: PMP-SHT Series, PMP-HTL Series

Float Pendulum

Model: UV Series

The pendulum type is sold at reasonable pricing and it can measure narrow tilt angles better than the MEMS type as that shall be explained later and some of them were made for having very fine resolution. Also, since the pendulum is immersed in the damper oil and if oil of high viscosity is being used then considerably it can be used more stably even under more intense vibration environment.
Our pendulum type inclinometer has been used in aerial work vehicles and cranes, mining vehicles, level gauges, inspection equipment, a slope failure sensing device, and so on for a long time.

However, since there are many mechanical parts in the sensing part, deterioration of performance due to wear of machine parts over the years and degradation of precision due to deformation of the pendulum caused by massive applied shock.
Moreover, since the output is only in analog, it is necessary to use it together with the converter when digital output is required.


●MEMS Inclinometer

ESC1000ZA Series

ESC30xxZ Series

THD2000Z Series

MEMS inclinometer is a product using MEMS device and this is the new type of inclinometer which MIDORI has started the development from a few years ago. The output is provided in both analog and digital.
This inclinometer uses integrated-circuit as the electrical components can reduce the number of parts for making easy in miniaturizing and mass-producing the parts. Also, since it is easy to adjust the response time with the programmable digital filter instead of to use the damper oil like in the case of the pendulum type inclinometer, it can be used under severe vibration environment.
There are no mechanical parts in the sensing part therefore there is nothing to worry about deterioration with performance over time and accuracy deterioration due to deformation of spring plate like with the pendulum type. 
Although, it will be higher than the pendulum type inclinometer formula in terms of price in considering the toughness, long life, and ease of use of MEMS inclinometer, you will get your money’s worth.


Now, you may wonder how would you select the pendulum type inclinometer and the MEMS type inclinometer for your application.
How about considering a pendulum type if you want to reduce your budget or to measure the tilt angle of less than ±10°?
On the other hand, how about considering a MEMS inclinometer is you measure tilt angles wider than ±10°, require a digital output, or application that is used in the harsh environment?


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