Orange Pot CP-3HK-100 Production Stop


The production of the Orange Pot (Hall-IC) angle potentiometer CP-3HK-100 will eventually be terminated at the end of March 2019 and as the result final orders from customers shall be accepted until the end of January 2019.




Replacement Model: CP-2HK-500

The replacement model CP-2HK-500 will be coming out in the spring of 2019 however the specification of model CP-2HK-500 is not exactly the same as that of CP-3HK-100.

Please check the following comparison sheet of CP-3HK-100 and CP-2HK-500 carefully if you are considering to use CP-2HK-500 on your application instead of CP-3HK-100.

Model Number  CP-3HK-100  CP-2HK-500
Effective Elect. Travel 360°
Absolute Linearity  ±0.4%FS ±1%FS
Temp. Characteristics ±1.8%FS




Input Voltage DC5V ±0.5V
Current Consumption 30mA MAX. 16mA MAX.
Resolution 0.1° 0.11°
Response Time 0.3ms 0.6ms
Load Resistance 1MΩ MIN. 10KΩ MIN.
Mech. Travel 360° endless
Torque 2mN-m
Mass Approx. 80g Approx. 65g
Category Temp. Range -40 ~ +100 ℃
Storage Temp. Range -40 ~ +100 ℃
IP Level IP54
Vibration  100m/S2 5~500Hz (6min.)

3 axis 2hours

Shock 1000m/S2 11ms

3 directions 3 times

1000m/S2 6ms

3 directions 3 times

ESD ±8k V ±12k V
EMS 100V/m, 200M~1GHz



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