CP-16U Series – Contactless Angle Potentiometer

CP-16U Series – TMR Element Contactless Angle Potentiometer

CP-16U is a contactless angle position sensor using TMR (Tunnel Magneto Resistive)-Element with the following characteristics: 

1. Ultra-low Current Consumption of 0.6mA MAX.

Typical contactless Hall-IC position sensor has a current consumption of about 10mA however the current consumption of CP-16U is much lower at 0.6mA.
As for the MR-element sensor, this is also a low current consumption type sensor like CP-16U but since MR-element is sensitive to temperature change as the result the impedance of the element will be getting lower at high temperature and consequently the current consumption of the sensor will be increasing.
The sensing element of CP-16U has a high impedance itself and since the variation of impedance caused by temperature is very little, it can keep lower current consumption even if it gets high in temperature; moreover, CP-16U is able to keep lower current consumption even with the addition of the amplifier circuits.

Our CP-16U works great for a scenario wh
ere you need to reduce the current consumption of your sensor application such as valve positioner and flow-meter. 

2. Load Resistance of 100KΩ

Typical low current consumption sensor requires to add a load resistance more than a few MΩ. However, since CP-16U is only required to add a load resistance 100kΩ Min, it allows you to design circuit easily compare to use other low current consumption sensor.

3. Linear Curve Output

The output curve of a MR-element sensor is a Sine curve and therefore the linearity gets worse at wider angle but the output curve of CP-16U is a linear curve as the result its keeps relatively good linearity even at a wider angle.  

4. High Speed Response/ High Output Resolution

The response time of typical Hall-IC sensor is several kHz and output resolution is 12-bit but on the other hand CP-16U provides the response time 100kHz Min. and virtually infinite output resolution by using the analog circuit.

CP-16U Specifications 

Effective Electrical Travel 90°
Output Sensitivity 3.5~6.5%Vin/10°
Independent Linearity ±1.5%FS
Input Voltage  DC3~5.5V
Current Consumption 0.6mA MAX.
Total Mechanical Travel 360° Endless
Torque 1N
Weight Approx. 10g
Category Temp. Range -30~+100℃
Temp. Compensate Range -40~+100℃
ESD ±4kV (IEC61000-4-2)
EMS 25V/m, 1MHz~1GhHz (ISO11452-2, -3)

CP-16U Dimensions (mm)

More detail about CP-16U series

Application Example

Film/Paper/Plastic bag Winder: Motor Speed & Tension Control
Flowmeter: Flow Valve Opening
Valve Positioner: Valve Aperture


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