CP36U Series – TMR Element Contactless Angle Sensor Equipped with Microcomputer

◆2-wire 4-20mA Current Output

◆High Accuracy: ±0.5%FS Linearity (FS=360°)

◆Equipped with useful output adjustment functions

 CP36U Series Features

2-wire 4-20mA Current Output

・Ideal for long-distance transmission.

・The voltage-to-Current converter is not required – the sensor outputs 4-20mA current signal directly.

High Environmental Durability Structure

・Low torque, high rotational accuracy, and high resistance to vibration and shock.

・IP67 is available upon request.

・Use the magnetic circuit, yet hardly affected by the influence of the external magnetic field.

Outer Dimensions (mm)

 Useful User-settable Functions

The programmable type of CP36U Series provides the following user-adjustable functions by using the setting panel.

Reset Electrical Angle Range

Enable to rest any angle to Start (ST) and End (ED) positions.

The accuracy assurance range: FS=  18° ~ 360°*1
FS adjustable angle range: 1° ~ 360° *

*1: Under FS=18° is also a settable range, but outside of the assurance range.
*2: If FS is set less than 1° or more than 359°, FS will be automatically reset to 360°.

Zero/ Span Adjustment

Reset the output value at zero position (4mA) and span position (20mA) within the ±1mA range.

Zero Position: 4mA±1mA
Span Position: 20mA±1mA

Adjustment Resolution:5μA approx.


Output Increase Direction Setting

Reset output increase direction CW or CCW

  1. Output CW Direction: Position Linear Output
  2. Output CCW Direction: Negative Linear Output


Setting Panel

Setting Panel Fixed Type           


~Offering Two Types of Setting Panel~

[Fixed Type]: The setting panel is installed in the fixed wiring cable of the sensor. The unit cannot be removed from the cable.
[Detachable Type]: The setting panel can be detached from the wiring cable of the sensor, and can also be used with other programmable CP36U. The setting panel is available to be purchased separately. 

[Misoperation Prevention Function]
To avoid unintended output adjustments, the setting will only be effective when pressing the “S (SET)” button. The protective cover is also attached to the unit to prevent accidental button pressing.



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