Position Sensor Application Examples: Valve Positioner

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Smart Valve Positioner

To control the flow rate of gas and liquid, more than hundreds of pieces of valves are being used at each plant of oil plants and chemical plants as well as steel, pulp, food, and pharmaceutical plants.


The opening/closing of the valve is operated by the control system and the control of the valve opening position, as operated directly according to the command from the control system, is done by the valve positioner which is attached to each valve.

Valve Positioner


The valve positioner applies air pressure to the valve actuator in accordance with a command signal of the valve position from the control system to move the valve and to finely adjust the valve opening angle while mechanically measure the valve opening position.  

The valve positioner is a convenience device but when attached to the valve, it is necessary to set the fully open/closed positions of the valve and adjust the discrepancy between the positioner measurements and the command signal from the control system and for doing this it would time and labor.

Consequently, the smart valve positioner is the valve positioner that contains a position sensor as the opening detection device for performing the above settings automatically.

Position sensors for smart valve positioners require low current consumption and to measure narrow-angle changes a high output resolution is also required and in addition, it seems that small-sized sensors would be preferred of being used over large sized sensors. As a result, within our products, the Conductive Plastic Element Potentiometer CP-2FJ and CP-2FL Series, and the TMR Element Position Sensor CP-16U have been using a lot for the applications of the smart valve positioner.

CP-2FJ Series

CP-2FL Series 

CP-16U Series 

CP-2FJ Series and CP-2FL Series

The CP-2FJ Series and CP-2FL Series are small size housing Φ22 mm potentiometer whose output resolutions are virtually infinite for begin suitable to be used for the measurement of narrow-angle changes. The conductive plastic potentiometer is known as a low power consumption position sensor, but by using a high resistance type of 10K ohm or more, it can be cut the current consumption furthermore.

CP-2FJ Series >> Click Here
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CP-16U Series

Conditions from places where chemical gas is generated or the harsh environment with severe temperature changes or severe vibrations may shorten the lifetime of the conductive plastic potentiometer due to the contact mechanism therefore in these situations the contactless position sensors are more suitable to be used such as CP-16U TMR element position sensor.

CP-16U is a small TMR-element angle sensor. CP-16U is less affected by temperature changes and the output resolution is virtually infinite. Moreover, the current consumption is less than 0.6mA.

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