The Static Electricity – For Orange Pot and Encoder Users

In the case of Orange Pot products which is the Hall-IC potentiometer, the main cause for the product failure caused by user is the damage of the IC due to electrical static.
Both Orange Pot and Encoder use CMOSIC as their sensing element and it has weak characteristics against the static electricity.
We devising measures to increase the electrostatic immunity of the Orange Pot and Encoder but the associated troubled occurrence with the Oranga Pot and Encoder due to static electricity cannot be completely eliminated.

This time, we would like to discuss about static electricity.
Static electricity is occurring everywhere without one being aware of it. For example, while walking on a carpet, it is said that electrostatic charges could be 1.5kV under the humidity of 65-90%, and reaches 35kV when humidity at 10-20%. There is an image that static electricity is generated by rubbing the object strongly but it also occurs by the slight rub of clothes caused by the movement of people or gentle wind, and it has the potential to occur everywhere and at any time. Also, even when electrostatic discharge from the fingertip happens, it is said that it does not perceive the discharge when the charging is 1kV, and does not feel a pain even at 2kV. In other words, since static electricity is charged to the body unknowingly and discharged from the fingertip unknowingly, it might possibly have damaged the Orange Pot and the Encoder without being noticed by the cycle of charging and discharging.  

In our factory, an antistatic mat has been used to cover the entire floor surface of the production line of static electricity-sensitive products such as the Orange Pot and Encoder, and workers in that area worked with an antistatic wrist strap on their arms. In addition, those workers are obligated to wear an antistatic cap, an antistatic jacket, and antistatic shoes and actually not only those workers but also all people in this facility are obliged to wear at least an antistatic jacket.

Since the measures against static electricity like the setup at our facility are difficult for the user, we would like to bring the following points to the attention of the user for using as a measure against static electricity from the user side when handling Orange Pot and Encoder:

1. During installation or replacement of Orange Pot and Encoder, keep eliminating static electricity by using static erasers.
2. Make sure static electricity is eliminated from your body before handling Orange Pot and Encoder
3.* Do not touch the tip of the sensor cable by hand.
4. Before installing Orange Pot and Encoder on the equipment, create equipotential between equipment and sensor body.
5. It is recommended that the end user creates equipotential between the mounting portion of the sensor and power supply chassis.

*For this measure, if the product is to be provided with the connector, static electricity will hardly invade from the tip of the wire.

For more detailed information on ESD protection, please visit Technical Data> Orange Pot> “Regard to Static Electricity”.


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