The Product Underdevelopment: New Current Output Angle Sensor

This angle sensor, being equipped with the user-settable function, is the current output contactless precision potentiometer that will be launched by the winter of this year.

By using the removable setting panel, the user can set the applicational required measuring angle range and selectable output increase direction to CW or CCW direction as needed.

 The output of this sensor is the 4-20mA analog current output signal which is hardly affected by the influence of external noise and better to be used for long-distance communication.

Why current output sensor is suitable for long-distance communication?Please read this page.

At present, we are preparing for the evaluation test and we will be performing the test within a few months and if the result of the test will be fine then the new sensor will be released at the end of this year or beginning of 2020.

Application Examples

Valve Positioner
Flow Meter
Liquid Level Indicator
Air Conditioner
Sluice Gate
Dam Gate
Printing Machine/ Converting Machine
Speed Control
Tension Control
Dancer Roll
Ship/ Vessel/ Boat/ Yacht
Rudder Angle
Auto Pilot
Valve Positioner 


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