Thank You for Visiting Our Booth at the TECHNO-FRONTIER 2019!

From April 17 through 19, Midori Precisions had held a booth at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2019 at Tokyo, Japan.

We introduced many new products and underdevelopment products at the exhibition.

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  1. Small MEMS inclinometer THD2000Z series and high precision MEMS inclinometer ESC30xxZ.
  2. Muti Pole Magnet Scale
  3. (Product Under Development) Small angle position sensor CP-2Hx: Touchless and IP67, Analog/PWM
  4. (Product Under Development) Magnetic Rotary Encoder CE58M: Absolute/Incremental, Single/Multi-turn
  5. (Product Under Development) Draw Wire Sensor: Analog/Digital, Settable draw wire direction


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