Midori Self-Defense Fire Brigade

Japan is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and tsunami, therefore each area in the country has organized self-defense fire brigade by local residents who prepare themselves for disasters by regular training.

Each company also has its own self-defense fire brigade and regularly train such as a firefighting exercise, periodic alarm system inspections, first aid training, and emergency escape guidance.

In addition, there is a self-defense fire brigade competition each region once a year. Self-defense fire brigade teams of large and small companies will participate in the competition with the aim of becoming the best self-defense fire brigade team of the region.

Our headquarters Midori Precisions’ self-defense fire brigade team is a small but strong team who has won many times in the past. This year they were aiming to win the first prize in two years but unfortunately this time they actually finished in the 8th place.


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