Midori Hall-IC Angle Sensor Series

Midori Hall-IC Angle Sensor

Within our product lines, there are many contactless position sensors that use the Hall-IC and magnet as a signal converting method. This type of sensor is called the “Orange Pot” as being named by Midori.
Orange Pot features long-lifetime and higher resistance to vibration and shock due to the contactless mechanism.
Today, we would like to introduce a couple of Orange Pot products.



  • QP-3HB Series

Size: Φ39x17mm (Φ1.53×0.66in)

QP-3HB Series is characterized by a metal housing for making the product robust and resistant to the external magnetic field. Therefore, it has been used for many harsh environmental applications. The users can select electrical angles of 90° or 120°, single output or dual output, with back spring or without, IP level IP54 or IP65 depending on the application’s conditions.
Moreover, as for the shaft bearing you can choose between the metal sleeve bearing or ball bearing.


Accelerator/ Break Pedal
Angle Sensor

Operating Lever/ Tilt Cylinder

Clutch Stroke Sensor 

Angle Sensor 

More detail about QP-3HB series


  • CP-3HABS Series

Size: Φ40x18mm (Φ1.57×0.70in)

CP-3HABS Series is a low-cost version of QP-3HB Series by adopting plastic material to the housing. The accuracy of model CP-3HABS is a bit lower than that the QP-3HB Series but it is sold at a reasonable price and it has a high resistance to electric static discharge.
As for the specifications, almost like a QP-3HB series, you can select electrical angle 90° or 120°, single output or dual output, with back spring or without, IP level 40 or 65.


Refrigerated Truck
Compressor System

Engine Speed Control

Control Lever, Foot Pedal

Motor Speed Control

More detail about CP-3HABS series


  • CP-1Hx Series

Size: 28x18x10.5mm (1.10×0.7×0.41in)

CP-1Hx Series is the downsizing version of models QP-3HB and CP-3HABS.
Since the housing size is almost the same as the U.S. 25 cent coin, it is not available with back spring but however, you can select the electrical angle from 50° to 360° and IP level of 67.
The output offers single or dual output options and as for the output signal you can select analog or PWM.


Wheels Angle

Personal Transporter
Speed Controller

Rehabilitation Equipment/ Wearable Robot
Joint Angle 

Robot Arm
Joint Angle

More detail about CP-1Hx series


Furthermore, we are currently developing a new angle sensor that shall be of a more robust version of the CP-1Hx Series such as this new sensor shall almost be at the same size of the CP-1Hx series but adopt the thicker lead wires and higher waterproof level.


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