LP-HA Series – Contactless Hall-IC Linear Stroke Position Sensor

LP-HA Series is a small contactless linear position sensor using Hall-IC.

The contactless mechanism features higher resistance to vibration and shock, and suitable for harsh environmental usage. Moreover, it has a longer product lifetime compared to the contact linear potentiometer.

The electrical stroke of the standard LP-HA series is 10mm (0.393in). 5mm electrical stroke is also available upon request. 
It is used in application such as torque sensor for Electric Power Steering (EPS), stroke sensor of the valve positioner, and positioning detection of the compact liner driver or actuator. 

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LP-HA Series Specifications

Effective Electrical Travel 10mm (0.393in)
Input Voltage DC5V
Absolute Linearity ±1.6%FS (FS=10mm)
Total Mechanical Travel 11mm (0.433in)
Running Torque  0.88N~2.5N
Weight Approx. 55g
Category Temp. Range -40 ~ +100℃
EMS 100V/m
ESD (Case~Each Terminals) ±25KV
ESD (Each Terminals) ±25KV


PBT Plastic Housing

Light and durable PBT plastic is used in the housing case.


Built-in Back Spring

Since the back spring is installed on the sliding shaft, the play between the shaft and shaft’s counterpart is suppressed in the minimum.



Its waterproof and dust-proof performances are superb, and it can be used in harsh environments such as outdoors without casing protection.

Also, LP-HA Series is provided with the AMP connector to prevent the invasion of static electricity from the tip of the cable.


More detail about LP-HA Series

LP-HA Series Application Examples 

Industrial Vehicle EPS Torque Sensor
Accelerator Pedal
Control Lever
Plant Equipment Valve Position 
Driving Simulator Control Lever

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