LP-FP Series – Conductive Plastic Linear Potentiometer

The LP-FP series is an ultra-fine linear potentiometer with a diameter of Φ8mm (Φ0.314in) and Φ12mm (Φ0.472in). It is applied in various fields, ranging from electron microscopes and other laboratory equipment and instruments, machining tools to animatronics used in amusement parks and film productions.

Since the output resolution of LP-FP series is virtually infinite due to the contact mechanism, it is able to measure very small distance. The electrical stroke of the standard LP-FP series is 20mm (0.787in) ~ 30mm (1.181in). Up to 100mm (3.937in) electrical stroke is available upon request.

It is recommended for installation in tight spaces or if you are considering to miniaturize your current product design. 

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LP-FP Series Specifications

Model Number LP-20FP LP-30FQJ
Effective Electrical Travel 20mm (0.787in) 30mm (1.181in)
Total Resistance  1KΩ
Independent Linearity  ±1%FS
Rated Dissipation 0.6W/70℃ 0.9W/70℃
Housing Diameter Φ12mm (Φ0.472in) Φ8mm (Φ0.314in)
Friction  0.4N MAX. 0.3N MAX.
Weight Approx. 18g Approx. 15g


Ultra-fine Housing Diameter

The housing diameter is Φ8mm* or Φ10mm. It is able to install in narrow places.
* Φ8mm housing diameter version is LP-30FQJ (30mm stroke) only.


Low Shaft Friction 

Shaft friction is as low as 0.3 to 0.4N, and it provides smooth and detailed distance measurement.


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LP-FP Series Application Examples

Laboratory/ Medical Equipment Electron Microscope: Stage positioning
Muscle Hardness Meter: Cylinder stroke
Infrastructure Ground Displacement Meter: Underground displacement measurement
Industry Packaging Machine: Stage positioning/ Arm stroke
Machining Tool: Cutter position/ Stage positioning
Amusement Park Animatronics: Actuator stroke 
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