ESC30xxZ – MEMS Inclinometer

ESC30xxZ, the industrial inclinometer series that had launched in 2018, are high-performance sensors using the MEMS technology for determining the inclination in the X and Y axes with excellent precision. By using the aluminum die-cast housing, these versions offered a high environmental protection level IP67 which is suitable for the part to be used in harsh industrial environments.

Moreover, ESC30xxZ series is equipped with many easy user-settable special functions and not only that it has te index point resetting function by using adjustment card like in the THD20xxZ series which is the small size MEMS inclinometer but also ESC30xxZ offers the user settable function of index point, response time, and so on by using RS-485 communication protocol.

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ESC30xxZ Series Specifications

Output Voltage Output Voltage Ratio Output Current Output Serial (RS-485)
Effective Electrical Tilt Angle ±10°, ±20°, ±30°, ±45°, ±60°, ±80° ±80°
Absolute Linearity ±0.5%FS ±0.1°(±10°)
±0.5° (~±80°)
Input Voltage DC8-30V DC5±0.25V DC24±4V
Output Range 0.5-4.5V 10-90%Vin 4-20mA
Weight Approx. 300g
Operating Temp. -30~85℃
IP Level IP67

Special Functions

Output Singal

Each ESC30xxZ provides digital output RS-485 and the user-chosen analog output from voltage output, voltage ratio output, or current output options.


Index Point Resetting Function

ESC30xxZ can be reset to a level position (±0° horizontal position) by using the User-Configurable Adjustment Card or by using the RS-485 communication protocol.


Programmable Digital Damping Control Function

ESC30xxZ implements the digital filter that would remove external noise and read the accurate angle of inclination in high vibration environments.
The user can choose a certain filter factor from 16 available settings by using the RS-485 communication protocol. This makes a wide choice of the cut-off frequency and easy for designing frequency response by the user.


Programmable Parameters

Also, the user can reprogram the following parameters of ESC30xxZ by using the RS-485 protocol.
・Inclination Range
・Baud Rate
・Date Transmissions Period


More detail about ESC30xxZ Series

ESC30xxZ Series Application Examples

Construction Vehicle Vehicle Body Inclination
Boom/ Ladder  Angle (Crane/ AWP/ Fire Engine etc.)
Pitch/ Roll Angle (Shield Machine)
Mining Vehicle Vehicle Body Inclination
Drill Head Position
Machine Tool Table Inclination Angle
Infrastructure Dam Gate


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