Discontinuation of CPP-45 Series and Replacement (CP-45F Series) Notice


We would like to inform our valued customers that our Green Pot angle potentiometer “CPP-45 Series” will be discontinued at the end of June 2021. After careful consideration, the decision was made due to the aging of the manufacturing equipment of CPP-45 Series production line and our effort in shifting towards a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

As the direct replacement for CPP-45 Series, we offer “CP-45F Series“.

CP-45F Series is the improved version of CPP-45 Series consisting of higher accuracy, longer lifetime, and mounting compatible with CPP-45 Series. Moreover, it has adopted the tab terminals to enable easy soldering.

We regret any inconvenience that this announcement may cause. We appreciate and value your business relationship and look forward to your continued interest in our quality product lines.

CPP-45 Series: (UP) CPP-45
(Down) CPP-45B


CPP-45 Series Final Order and Sales Termination Schedule

● Final Order: by the end of June 2020

● Sale End: The end of June 2021


●Replacement model: CP-45F Series

Replacement Model Number and Release Dates

CPP-45 Series CP-45F Series (Replacement Model) Release Date  Specifications 
CPP-45 CP-45F * Jan. 2020 Shaft dia. 4mm
CPP-45B CPP-45FB Apr. 2019 Shaft dia. 6mm
CPP-45RK CPP-45FB Apr. 2019 Shaft dia. 6mm
CPP-45×2 CPP-45Fx2 * Feb. 2020 Shaf dia. 4mm Dual-Gang
CPP-45Bx2 CPP-45FBx2 Apr. 2019 Shaft dia. 6mm Dual-Gang
CPP-45RBN CP-45FRBN * Jan. 2020 Water-drip proof
CPP-45-xxLS CP-45F-xxLS * Jan. 2020 Draw-wire type
CPP-45-xxSX CP-45F-xxSX  Feb. 2020 Gear- Head Multi-Turn

* available as soon as spec verification is completed.

1. CP-45F Series is mounting compatible with CPP-45 Series, yet there is a difference such as in shape and thickness. please refer to the catalog/ Data Sheet for details.
2. Technological improvement on the accuracy (Linearity) of potentiometer allows CP-45F Series to have the standard independent linearity of ±0.1%. This is the equivalent accuracy of the customized linearity of CPP-45 Series.
3. The variety of the total resistance for CP-45F Series is the same as that of CPP-45 Series.
4. The development of the specialized specifications with center tap will take place sequentially. (Some special specification are not applicable)
5. Please contact us for other specialized specifications that are not mentioned on the table.

Dimensions (mm)

●Since the pot for model CP-45FRBN and CP-45F-LS are enclosed in the case, the external appearance and the shape of the models are the same as the conventional models.
●The outer appearance of the pot is the only difference between the CP-45F-xxSX and the conventional model.

If you have any inquires, opinions, or requests that you would like to make, please contact us.
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