CP-2FL Series, Linearity ±1% Version Available Now!

Save 18% Off the Conductive Plastic Precision Potentiometer CP-2FL

Along with the launch of new CP-2FL with ±1% linearity, we are going to lower the price for existing CP-2FL with ±2% linearity by 18%

18% OFF Conductive Plastic Precision Potentiometer CP-2FL

CP-2FL has been one of our top selling small size conductive plastic angle precision potentiometer. The CP-2FL series (±2% linearity) have been used for a number of situations that require certain precision in a cost-effective manner.

[Standard CP-2FL Series Electrical Specifications]

● Size: CP-2FL Φ22mm (Φ0.866in)
● Electrical Travel: 340°
● Independent Linearity: ±2%
● Total Resistance: 1K, 2K, 5K, and 10K Ω
● Mounting Method: Bushing Mount


Application Example for CP-2FL Series ±2% Linearity

Sound Equipment/Music Instrument: Adjuster
Joystick for Games: Lever Angle


More Precision with Our New CP-2FL Series (±1% linearity)

Presently, the higher precision type of CP-2FL series with the linearity of ±1% has come out and for now, you can use the higher linearity type of CP-2FL series at a reasonable price.

CP-2FL-6 (UP) and CP-2FL (Down)

  • Size: Φ22mm (Φ0.866in)
  • Electrical Travel: 340°
  • Independent Linearity: ±1%
  • Total Resistance: 1K, 2K, 5K, and 10K Ω
  • Mounting Method: Bushing Mount

Application Examples for CP-2FL Series ±1% Linearity

Printing Machine Ink Reservoirs:  Ink volume/density adjustment
Stage Light: Tilt, Pan Angle, and Focus
Valve Positioner: Valve opening control




CP-2FJ Series: Higher Accuracy & Durability 

If you require more robust housing, more stable running torque, and higher linearity than those in the CP-2FL series, then CP-2FJ Series will be a solid option.
CP-2FJ series is using an aluminum housing that is more robust in comparison to the plastic housing of the CP-2FL series. Moreover, the ball bearing version of CP-2FJ provides low torque shaft rotation and the toughness for the shaft radial load.
A lower cost version of CP-2FJ series that uses metal sleeve bearing like that of the CP-2FL series for the shaft is also available.The price for CP-2FJ series is higher than that of CP-2FL series but CP-2FJ series is more suitable to be used in harsh environments where CP-2FL series cannot cope with.The linearity of CP-2FJ series is available with ±1% and ±0.5%.

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