THD2000Z Series

MEMS Inclinometer

Our THD2000Z Series is designed to be …

Key Features:
・Dual axis inclinometer
・Housing diameter: Φ40mm (Φ1.57in)
・Electrical Tilt Angle: ±10° ~ ±60°
・Output: Voltage Ratio Output / Digital Output (RS-485)
・Absolute Linearity: <±1%FS

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THD2000Z Series Special Functions

Adjust Leveling in Seconds with Index Point Resetting Function

The Leveling adjustment of conventional inclinometer takes time because it is done by using the trimmer or adjustment screws on the mounting plate. THD2000Z can be easily reset to the level position (±0° position) using the RS-485 command or “User-Configurable Adjustment Card (Optional)”.

How to use a user-configurable adjustment card

Configurable range is within ±5° range from horizontal.

Remove External Noise with Digital Damping Control Function

Unlike conventional inclinometer, THD2000Z implements the digital filter that removes external noise and reads accurate angle of inclinometer in high-vibration environments.
THD2000Z also gives you a choice of certain filter factor from 16 available settings so that it suits your situations.

Configuring of the digital filter is enabled only at our factory.


Output Voltage Ratio Output Serial(RS-485)
Effective Electrical Travel ±10°,±20°,±30°,±45°,±60° ±30°, ±60°
Absolute Linearity ±1%FS
Input Voltage DC5±0.25V
Current Consumption 75mA MAX.
Output Range 10-90%Vin
Output Resolution 12bit equivalent 0.006°(Not included noise)
Response Time Step Response (Time Constant): 443ms (STD.)
The selectable time constant during 70ms – 900ms in 16 steps (Option)
Temp. Characteristic 0°position: ±0.2°
Tilt Angle: @±20°:1.2°
0°position: ±0.2°
Tilt Angle: @±10°: 0.6°
@±60°: 4.4°
EMS IEC61000-4-3: Level 3(10V/m)
EMI IEC61000-4-6 CISPR22_A_10m
ESD IEC61000-4-2: ±16kV
Operating Temp. Range -30 – +85℃
Vibration 70m/S2, 5-500Hz (10min.) 2hours
Shock 1000m/S2, Half sine wave 6ms
IP Grade IP40




Product Number Angle Absolute Lin. Input Voltage Output Ratio Output Resolution Feature Data/ Shop
THD20xxZ-R ±10°~
±1%FS DC5V±0.25V 10-90%Vin  12-bit Ratio-Output
Dual Axis/ Single Axis
THD20xxZ-D ±30°
±1%FS DC5V±0.25V 0.006° RS-485
Dual Axis/ Single Axis



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・Motion Video
How to use the User-Configurable Adjustment Card


    • This product can not be used for the measurement of the resistance value.
    • Use this product in an environment protected from ESD.
    • Depending on the state of the vibration environment, this product may not be able to measure the tilt angle accurately even if the digital filter is selected.


Dental Chair: Backrest reclining angle
Fire Engine: Ladder Angle
Forklift: Vehicle body inclination, Fork angle

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