Custom Precision Potentiometer & Encoder Manufacturing 

Having an in-house engineering team with the experience of over 60 years that solely dedicates to the customizing precision potentiometers, we only provide you with the very best qualities for our customized potentiometers and encoders. Please request a free initial consultation.


Our Custom Precision Potentiometer & Encoder Solutions


We design and manufacture the similar parts to the other maker’s products that may not longer be available on the market.

Specifications and drawing of the target products are required.
We do not design and manufacture of Wire-wound potentiomter.

Modification & Enhancement

We also offer modification and enhancement solution to our existing products so that they will perfectly be fitted to your application.


  • Change in shaft diameter or shaft length
  • Changing the output range and the output signal
  • Enhancement of waterproofness

Full Customization

If there are no products that are close enough to your requirement, we offer full customization service as well.


  • Ultra compact linear pot
  • Slide switch using potentiometer technology
  • Special pot for space development, medical and so on

The Advantage of Our Customization Solutions

Guide you through the best option available

Whether you want to miniaturize your existing pots or just simply change the electrical angle of the pots, we can make one but sometimes using our existing product with just a few adjustments on your end may work just fine and this will help you save your time and budget. Let our engineers figure out what would be the best option available for you.


Exclusive use of customized products

Whether We make sure that your customized products will not be available on the market and you shall hold the exclusive rights for the distribution.


It is only applicable when you bear all the development costs including initial fees.



Our Process

  1. Free Initial Consultation
    We will discuss and figure out what is your best option based on your applications, requirements, target price, budget, and so on.
    We may offer existing products that are close enough to what you want to save a bit of a budget.
  2. Reference Drawing
    We will prepare a reference drawing based on the discussion of the design and confirmation of the desired content.
    At this point, we will provide the schedule until completion and then we will offer the approximate development cost according to the schedule.
    Since we need you to pay the development cost, there may possibly be further discussion in comparing it with your projected budget.
  3. Prototype and Field Test
    After agreeing to the specifications, schedule. and budget, we develop a few prototypes and once you are testing the prototypes, we can continuously be adjusting the improving them until they satisfy with your needs.Additional costs will be incurred if having to creates additional prototypes, adjusting, or changing specifications.
  4. Finalization
    After you satisfy with the test results of the prototypes, we shall ready for the scheduling of the production of the customized item.


Request A Free Initial Consultation

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