CP-1Hx Series

Hall-IC Contactless Single-Turn Potentiometer

Our CP-1Hx Series is designed to be …

Key Features:
・Compact Size Φ21mm, Thinness 4.4mm
Effective Electrical Travel: 90°, 180°, 360° (359.9°)
・Single Output (3-wire), Dual Output (6-wire)
・Output: Voltage Ratio, PWM
・Shaft Shape: Double Side Flat Shaft, D-Cut, Touchless


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Smaller Than a Quarter & Thin As 0.17inches

With the diameter of 0.82in (21mm) and 0.17in (4.4mm) thinness, CP-1Hx fits any limited tight spaces. Offering high-level protection against EMS, EMI, and ESD.

Single/ Dual Output

Although this is a small potentiometer, it is feasible for offering dual output. The available analog output signal is voltage ratio output (Standard) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

Wider Angle Measurement

Even though it is an unprecedented small potentiometer, wide angle measurement of up to 360° (Dead angle:0.1°) is possible.
(Mechanical angle is 360° endless.)


Electrical Specifications

Effective Electrical Travel ±45° (90°), ±90° (180°), ±180°(359.9°)
Output Range  Ratio Output 10~90%Vin / PWM 10~90% Duty
Absolute Linearity ±2%FS
Input Voltage DC5±0.5V
Current Consumption 10mA MAX. (Single Output) / 20mA MAX.(Dual Output)

Mechanical Specifications 

Total Mechanical Travel 360° Endless
Running Torque 3mN・m MAX.
Weight Approx. 5g

Environmental Specifications

Category Temp. Range -40~+85℃
ESD (Case~ Each Terminals) ±15KV
ESD (Each Terminal) ±15KV
IP Level IP67




  • Other Effective Electrical Angle: 50°~ 359.9°
  • Shaft Shape: Touchless 


Product Number Angle Abso.Lin. Shaft Size Input Voltage Feature Data/Shop
CP-1Hx-R 90° 180° 360°(359.9°) ±2%FS Φ6mm DC5V Voltage Ratio Output
D-Cut / Double Side Flat
Single/Dual Output
CP-1Hx-P 90° 180° 360°(359.9°) ±2%FS Φ6mm DC5V PWM Output
D-Cut / Double Side Flat
Single/Dual Output



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      • This product can not be used for measurements of resistance value.
      • This product may be influenced by an external magnetic field.
      • Use this product in an environment protected from ESD.


Personal Transporter: Speed Contol lever
AGV: Wheel angle sensor
Wearable Robot: Joint angle of robot arms/ legs

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