Technical and Product Review

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CPP-45BJ is a low-cost version of model CPP-45B that has been known for 

its established functional and quality reputation over the years.

With the change of the electrical making process and structure of the resistive

element itself, CPP-45BJ has achieved a lower price and shorter delivery time 

but still maintain the quality and function of CPP-45B product.


Mounting is the same as model CPP-45B and the slot cut at both ends of the 

shaft provides easy output adjustment.


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Effective Electrical Travel : 350°

Total Resistance  : 1K, 5K, 10K Ohm

Independent Linearity : ±0.3% (Special Linearity ±0.1%)

Rated Dissipation : 3W/70℃


Total Mechanical Travel  : 360° Endless

Running Torque : 1.8mN・m MAX.

Mass : Approx. 60g


Category Temperature Range : -40 ~ +100℃

Vibration : 200m/S2 2000Hz 3axis 2hours each

Shock : 500m/S2 11ms 3axis 6 directions 3times each