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CP-16U Series --- Low-Power Contactless Angle Sensor, Current consumption 0.6mA MAX.Back to Menu


CP-16U series is a contactless angle sensor using the magnet resistive element. 
Current consumption is always 0.6mA MAX. irrespective of the operating temperature range and because of the low current consumption the product can feasibly be integrated into 4-20mA 2-wire communication system.   
CP-16U features low torque, high durability, and built-in temperature compensating circuit and moreover if compared to our typical contactless MR-element angle sensor CP-2UN series, output sensitivity is highly improved and 120°effective electrical angle can also be added as an option.
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Effective Electrical Travel  : 90° (120° : Option)
Independent Linearity : ±1.5%FS (120° : ±2.5%FS)
Input Voltage : DC3~5.5V
Current Consumption : 0.6mA MAX.
Total Mechanical Travel : 360° Endless
Mass : Approx. 10g
Category Temperature Range : -30~100℃
Temperature Compensate Range : -40~100℃





Temperature compensate range: -20~80℃ (TC-B)

Effective Electrical Travel: 120° (Independent Linearity: ±2.5%FS)

Application Example

Tension Control

Valve Positioner