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LP-10HA is contactless Hall-IC linear sensor, designed for measurement of 10mm effective

electrical travel, with a built-in return spring and reasonable cost with plastic housing (PBT).


This model is especially suitable for applications of torque sensor for EPS, valve position

sensor, position sensor for short stroke actuator requiring high vibration and dither operation.


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               ・Effective Electrical Travel : 10mm

               ・Absolute Linearity : ± 1.6% FS

               ・Ration Output 

               ・with AMP Connector 

               ・ IP65 (Except mounting surface side and connector end)













                 Housing --- PBT

                 Shaft --- Stainless Steel

                 Shaft Bearing --- Copper Alloy



Effective Electrical Trevel : 5mm

without AMP Connector