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CP-2FL Series --- Conductive Plastic Angle Sensor "Low-cost angle sensor"Back to Menu


CP-2FL Series is the lower cost design of the CP-2FK(m)J and CP-2FBJ-6

that offers Φ22mm plastic housing, a locator pin on the mounting surface,

metal sleeve bearing shaft, flat plate terminals on the side of housing for

easy soldering.

The design has been applied for mass-production and has successded in

offering a shoter lead time.


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・ CP-2FL : Shaft dia Φ3.175mm, Metal sleeve bearing

    Lower cost design of CP-2FK(m)J











・ CP-2FL-6 : Shaft dia Φ6mm, Metal sleeve bearing

   Lower cost design of CP-2FBJ-6

Application Example

Tention Control

Valve Positioner

Joy Stick